Welcome to Standard Furniture Factory – the leading furniture factory with a rich tradition dating back to 1965 . Our specialty is the production of solid wood dining furniture. We proudly state that generations have grown up with our furniture, and even today, 59 years since its founding, the name Standard signifies a guarantee of top quality.

Who We Are

Standard is synonymous with high-quality dining furniture that skillfully combines tradition and a modern approach in production and design. Our dedication to quality is unquestionable, and we proudly emphasize that we use exclusively 100% FSC certified wood, meeting the highest sustainability standards. With more than five decades of experience, our team of experts, from engineers to craftsmen, is dedicated to creating and manufacturing products of the highest quality that adorn the homes of our clients worldwide.


Standard is constantly working on improving its production capacities and modernizing technological processes in line with the development of the furniture industry and global trends. We aim to offer our clients dining furniture that lasts and exceeds expectations with its exceptional quality and timeless elegance. At the same time, we are committed to preserving natural resources and support responsible production in accordance with the highest ecological standards.


Standard’s vision is to become a globally positioned brand, recognized for its top quality and innovative design. Through constant evolution in design and technology, we strive to be global leaders in the production of dining furniture, setting standards of excellence.


Our business’s core values include creating a stimulating and pleasant work environment for our employees, sustainable operations with minimal environmental impact, active participation and support in socially responsible projects, and building long-term and trustworthy relationships with our clients.

Global Presence

We proudly export our products worldwide, to countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, and many others. Our presence at international fairs, such as MOW and IMM in Germany, and the January Furniture Show in the UK, further confirms our commitment to the global market and cooperation with clients from different parts of the world.

Standard is more than a furniture brand; it is a story of quality, tradition, and sustainability that is passed through generations.

Thank you for being part of our story.

Product Range

Our product range represents carefully designed collections of dining furniture that meet the needs and tastes of our customers worldwide. Relying on years of experience and expertise, we offer a wide range of furniture that includes tables, chairs, armchairs, benches, and a bar program.


Designed with a focus on maximum comfort, our chairs are the perfect choice for those who value elegance and quality. Each chair is carefully designed and made from quality materials, providing stability and comfort. The ergonomically shaped seat and quality fabrics guarantee comfort during prolonged sitting. Besides the high quality of craftsmanship, we offer you the possibility of customization, by choosing the desired color, fabric, seat, and base you get a versatile piece of furniture that can be integrated into various spaces, from modern living rooms to elegant dining rooms or workspaces.


Our collection of armchairs represents a blend of luxury, comfort, and quality combined into unique pieces of furniture. They are made from solid wood of beech or oak or metal, using the most modern manufacturing techniques, promising you years of enjoyment in supreme comfort. We use quality fabrics and quality fillings of different characteristics to achieve the perfect balance between luxury and comfort. The choice between swivel or fixed base variants allows you to adapt the armchairs to individual needs and lifestyle.


Our collection of dining tables tells a story about wood that lasts. Each piece is carefully shaped and made with the aim of providing functionality, top quality, and elegance. They are made from 100% FSC certified solid wood of beech or oak, combining straight and rounded forms, thus emphasizing the simplicity of design. The final wood finish further highlights the natural texture and color of the wood, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and making each of our tables unique. They are available in different styles, from classic to modern, and in various sizes. The table tops can be fixed or equipped with a quality extension mechanism, allowing every family member to find their place at the table during communal meals or gatherings.


Our collection of dining benches brings multifunctionality to every home. They are made in several variants and dimensions, adapting to the needs of your dining space. The ergonomic design, quality materials, and stable wooden construction guarantee a pleasant sitting experience at the table, making your moments with family more enjoyable and relaxed. You can choose between a corner model or a bench with or without a backrest, depending on the shape of your dining room. The corner bench variant provides greater seating capacity and is ideal for dining rooms where maximizing the use of corners is desired. They easily fit into different decorating styles, from classic to modern, and will make every dining room an elegant and attractive space.

Bar Program

For those who wish to bring a touch of style into their space, our bar program offers modern and functional solutions. Bar chairs and tables come in different dimensions and styles, allowing you to create a harmonious and functional dining space that will surely attract attention with its elegant design and quality craftsmanship.