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The Story of Us

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Traveling through the time, 53 years backwards to be exact, we will come to the beginning of a successful story that continues today. We were born from the idea of combining beauty and usefulness while doing what we love and what fills us. Our love for wood has brought a lot of products to the finest lines and details that, since then, adorn your homes and make them warm and pleasant. So, our main driver is love; love for wood, love for furniture, love for space

Today, little has changed. We continue to write our successful story, believing in the same values that we believed in at that time. Perhaps this is exactly why "Standard Furniture Factory d.d. Sarajevo" is positioned as a leading company in the field of manufacture and design of furniture throughout the region.

A recognizable brand

Standard, as a furniture manufacturer, has been recognized as a quality brand in our market and European market as well. This is confirmed by the fact that we sell our products all over Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovenia and Croatia. In addition, Standard is an active participant in many fairs such as the famous MOW Fair in Bad Salzuflen, Germany. Today, after 53 years of existence, we are proud to share our success with you. We offer high quality and appealing products of modern times. We move the boundaries of innovation and design to give you a chance to explore and to meet your needs and desires.


Our team

We are particularly proud of our employees. Our employees are the heart of the company and everything we do. Their success is our success.

Together, we make a unique team of people who are constantly trying to satisfy even the most demanding market needs. With continuing professional development and employee training, Standard always keeps up with the latest world trends and achievements.

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